Burials & Interment

Burial Options

Gungahlin Plaque Beam

Lawn Graves

Various lawn grave options exist across both Gungahlin and Woden Cemeteries. Although Gungahlin is non-denominational, Woden offers lawn areas for many different religions.

Information Sheet - Plaque Beam Allotments

Information Sheet - Woden Lawn Allotments

Information Sheet - Gungahlin Monumental Lawn Allotments

Gungahlin Headstone

Headstone Graves

The option of a more traditional, monumental grave featuring a full-cover memorial made of stone, concrete, marble or granite is available at Gungahlin, Woden and Hall Cemeteries. 

Information Sheet - Headstone Allotments

Other Interment Options


Mausoleum Crypt

The Woden Cemetery offers an above-ground interment option by way of the "Christ the Redeemer" Mausoleum. This impressive structure was opened in 2002 and contains secure internal and external burial crypts, columbaria for the interment of cremated remains, and an area that can be used as a chapel.

Information Sheet - Mausoleum

Liquidambar Lane

Cremated Remains Interment

All three cemeteries offer various options for interment of cremated remains (ashes). As well as being placed into an existing grave, perhaps with other family members, there are several specific areas including Liquidambar Lane at Woden and the Wall of Remembrance at Gungahlin.  Memorial Gardens, Rocks and Trees are options available at all three cemeteries.

Information Sheet - Cremated Remains Interments