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Cemetery Documents

The Authority's annual report has been published as an attachment to the Territory and Municipal Services Directorate Annual Report. This can be found at the link below. 

Annual Report 2017-18
Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2003 
Cemeteries and Crematoria (Code of Practice) Approval 2007
Cemeteries and Crematoria Regulation 2003
Canberra Cemeteries - Visitor Satisfaction Survey 
Privacy Policy


General Information

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Burial Options MatrixPDF504.92 KB03 Apr, 2014 Download
Customer Service CharterPDF453.31 KB02 Apr, 2014 Download
Questions Commonly Asked about CemeteriesPDF232.07 KB06 Feb, 2014 Download
Survey - Customer Experience ResearchPDF110.80 KB02 Oct, 2018 Download
Workplace Heath and Safety PolicyPDF337.86 KB13 Dec, 2016 Download

Application forms

Below is a list of our various application forms. Please print and complete the relevant form then email it to us at or send by fax on 02 6207 1624.

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Agreement of Hire - Memorial HallPDF632.77 KB14 Aug, 2018 Download
Authority to Collect AshesPDF208.34 KB13 Mar, 2014 Download
Ceramic PhotoPDF90.46 KB22 Oct, 2014 Download
Ledger Removal AuthorityPDF237.78 KB28 Jul, 2015 Download
Memorial Permit ApplicationPDF521.46 KB23 Nov, 2017 Download
Plaque ApplicationPDF1.70 MB16 Oct, 2018 Download
Plaque Application - Mausoleum Panel Inscription Woden CemeteryPDF1.10 MB06 Feb, 2014 Download
Plaque Application Motif SelectionPDF550.95 KB16 Oct, 2018 Download
Statutory DeclarationPDF79.38 KB06 Feb, 2014 Download
Application for Exclusive Right of Allotment and BurialPDF971.72 KB07 May, 2019 Download

Information Sheets

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Approved Plant List in Natural Burial GroundPDF367.35 KB25 May, 2017 Download
Ashes Interment PDF461.04 KB23 Nov, 2018 Download
Babies' Rose GardenPDF248.30 KB31 May, 2018 Download
Children's GardenPDF444.96 KB31 May, 2018 Download
Construction of MonumentsPDF415.27 KB31 May, 2018 Download
Dedication SeatPDF205.89 KB31 May, 2018 Download
Ex-Service AllotmentPDF636.67 KB16 Aug, 2018 Download
Family Estate AllotmentPDF466.38 KB31 May, 2018 Download
Family Estate Ashes AllotmentPDF545.99 KB31 May, 2018 Download
Family Memorial Rock WodenPDF549.54 KB31 May, 2018 Download
Hall Cemetery Plant ListPDF213.07 KB15 Feb, 2016 Download
Headstone AllotmentPDF387.60 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
Islamic Headstone AllotmentPDF526.50 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
Liquidambar LanePDF365.07 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
Memorial Garden Allotment GungahlinPDF262.99 KB28 Mar, 2014 Download
Memorial Garden Allotment HallPDF264.02 KB28 Mar, 2014 Download
Memorial Garden Allotment WodenPDF269.07 KB28 Mar, 2014 Download
Memorial Hall Conditions of HirePDF973.31 KB02 Oct, 2018 Download
Memorial Rock GungahlinPDF395.76 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
Memorial Rock WodenPDF550.69 KB05 Dec, 2018 Download
Monumental Lawn AllotmentPDF267.10 KB28 Mar, 2014 Download
Monumental MasonsPDF740.78 KB16 Aug, 2018 Download
Natural Burial FAQPDF120.60 KB30 Nov, 2015 Download
Natural Burial Guidelines Gungahlin CemeteryPDF46.14 KB30 Nov, 2015 Download
Oak Boulevard PDF155.68 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
Plaque Beam AllotmentPDF615.14 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
Repairs and Maintenance of MonumentsPDF302.80 KB22 Apr, 2015 Download
Tree AllotmentPDF415.31 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
Tribute PolicyPDF492.33 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
Vault AllotmentPDF402.43 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
Wall of Remembrance Allotment GungahlinPDF473.11 KB09 Aug, 2018 Download
Woden Catholic Lawn Allotment Portion 9 and 11PDF269.24 KB28 Mar, 2014 Download
Woden Lawn Allotment Portions 1,2,3,4,6,7 or 8PDF269.84 KB28 Mar, 2014 Download


FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Cemetery Map - GungahlinPDF578.46 KB03 Apr, 2014 Download
Cemetery Map - WodenPDF639.70 KB12 Mar, 2014 Download

Price list

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Fees 2018-19PDF309.83 KB02 Jul, 2018 Download


FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Conditions of Entry - GungahlinPDF305.21 KB02 Apr, 2014 Download
Conditions of Entry - HallPDF185.00 KB02 Apr, 2014 Download
Conditions of Entry - WodenPDF229.13 KB02 Apr, 2014 Download
Construction of Monuments - Regulations and SpecificationsPDF478.62 KB21 Oct, 2015 Download

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